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Plastic entropy.

It always melts.

12 May

Hello! Welcome to Plastic_Entropy icons, art journal of losttheskyagain. What you will primarily see here is icons, although every once in awhile a FO banner will pop up. If you would like to link me, go here. A list of resources is here.

1. If you take an icon, banner, whatever, you must always comment and tell me.
2. Also, you must credit me. For icons, credit in the keywords; if it's an FO banner, then underneath it; if it's anything else, I'll specify how it should be credited.
3. If you don't like my work or me, don't be mean about it.
4. However, if you have a suggestion (lighter letters, smoother edges, whatever) please feel free to make it. ^_^
5. No cursing or TyPiNg LiKE tHis.
6. No requests unless I'm open. Once their closed, be patient till I'm open again.

Currently I mod one community. Go check it out!